Cool Tools Review: The Embr Wave 1, GreenTEG CORE and FOCI Wearable!

Aaaand here’s the short version! So I really like strange wearables. Especially if they’re related to temperature. Or perceptions of temperature! I want air-conditioning systems to work less for me. For this, I need to want less, which is difficult! Tracking my data is part of a path to find the minimum conditions I need…

How to See the Future: All about Asset classes and the economic cycle!

Where do you park your money? Do you shift your investments during booms, recessions and slowdowns? If you just own cash (and your CPF), that’s alright. Savings accounts may grow slowly, but they’re one of the safest investments to keep your earnings safe from market fluctuations. However, inflation risks the erosion of your savings over…

How Much Floor Area Do You Need?

We all face Choice Overload. In Singapore, house options have thousands of sizes and styles and prices – which one do you choose? On top of the ~80,000 houses available, 1600+ renovators are available. There are hundreds of millions of possibilities. How to decide sial. I find it helpful to list your minimum requirements. Specifically,…


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